The Secret To Successful Influencer Marketing

The Secret to Successful Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a clear winner with over $2B spent in 2016 on sponsored social media posts. It’s a new and lucrative marketing market. It’s extremely inefficient and it’s really easy to take advantage of if you know the secrets I know.
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Why You Stop Building And Start Marketing

Why You Stop Building and Start Marketing

Shachar Gilad founded SoundBetter after understanding there's no good solution he and other musicians and music production professionals can use to connect. Check out how SoundBetter grew to become a leading marketplace and why you need to start thinking about your marketing now.
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Think Outside The Box. Disruption Brings Results

Think outside the box. Disruption brings results

"One of the basic mistakes I see is the inability of companies to perfectly define and communicate their unique value proposition. That’s an important key in creating the marketing messaging." Omri Yacubovich, CMO and co-Founder of Commerce Sciences shares his marketing tips and tools in the CMO Series
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