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There is no shortage of inspirational advice out there. But I want to provide you with real-life marketing advice from the people who know marketing best, Chief Marketing Officers. Check out their tips below to learn more on how you can grow your company.

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Ranking #1 In Competitive Keywords Using Smart SEO

Ranking #1 in Competitive Keywords Using Smart SEO

Ranking in a top result in Google search seems like mission impossible at times. Check out how Derric Haynie was able to rank #1 for a heavily competed keyword term by using a better strategy than all the digital marketing agencies in his city combined (step-by-step video inside!)
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The Secret To Successful Influencer Marketing

The Secret to Successful Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a clear winner with over $2B spent in 2016 on sponsored social media posts. It’s a new and lucrative marketing market. It’s extremely inefficient and it’s really easy to take advantage of if you know the secrets I know.
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Think About Your ASO Before Rushing Into Buying Media

Think About Your ASO Before Rushing into Buying Media

There's no question that startups need to factor in mobile when devising growth strategy. Gilad Bechar, Founder and CEO of Moburst, leading mobile marketing agency, on why you shouldn't forget your ASO and how to avoid making mobile marketing mistakes.
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Why You Stop Building And Start Marketing

Why You Stop Building and Start Marketing

Shachar Gilad founded SoundBetter after understanding there's no good solution he and other musicians and music production professionals can use to connect. Check out how SoundBetter grew to become a leading marketplace and why you need to start thinking about your marketing now.
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Find The Unique Way To Promote Your Brand

Find the Unique Way to Promote your Brand

Launching a product? Check out how Omri Shabi, CMO of Viewly, reduced their launch budget by 90% by using their product, engaging the right communities, developing creative strategy and planning in advance.
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There Is Such Thing As Bad Publicity

There is Such Thing as Bad Publicity

It is said that all publicity is good publicity. Does this bode true? Is it relevant to startups in their first steps in the PR world? Eugene Khot with this real-life story of a startup gone rogue.
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Consistency Is Key, There Are No Shortcuts

Consistency is Key, There are No Shortcuts

Dan Landa from Google on Google Ads tips for startups, and setting startup-like operation at Google (and growing revenue by 1500%)
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B2B Marketing Hacks: From 0 To Acquisition In 2.5 Years

B2B Marketing Hacks: From 0 to Acquisition in 2.5 Years

Growth hacking tips for B2B startups from Dori Harpaz, former Director of Marketing at Incapsula, that was acquired just after 2.5 years of operation and current VP Marketing at Secdo.
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Please Do Not Confuse Innovation With Value

Please do not Confuse Innovation with Value

Moriya Kassis, Product Management Consultant for startups in the 3D printing, Wearables, and IoT domains and Venture Associate at UpWest Labs on common mistakes startups make and tips to create a valuable product.
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The Secret Is To Create Good Content That People Will Like

The Secret is to Create Good Content that People will Like

Write good things that people will link to, don’t ask people to like your page as it won’t generate real traction. If you have 100k likes on your page and see 2 comments on each posts, it looks horrible. It shows people are not engaged.
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Why A Good Narrative Can Change Perceptions

Why a Good Narrative Can Change Perceptions

With a background in psychology and international relations, together with my experience in the field, I knew the power of a story. A good narrative can change perceptions; changed perceptions can change the world.
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Why Content Marketing Is A Key To Growth

Why Content Marketing is a Key to Growth

David Tintner, co-founder of Hacking UI on the importance of content marketing in growing the Hacking UI community, and why the first question you should ask is will this product or service solve a problem
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How I Built A Scalable Marketing Machine

How I Built A Scalable Marketing Machine

Yam Regev, CMO of webydo, on the importance of numbers-oriented marketing, building a scalable marketing machine and the must-have tools you should use for your startup's marketing
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Think Outside The Box. Disruption Brings Results

Think outside the box. Disruption brings results

"One of the basic mistakes I see is the inability of companies to perfectly define and communicate their unique value proposition. That’s an important key in creating the marketing messaging." Omri Yacubovich, CMO and co-Founder of Commerce Sciences shares his marketing tips and tools in the CMO Series
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It’s Not About Sales But Providing Value

It’s Not About Sales But Providing Value

"Don't just pretend, provide real value. People notice when you are not real and just try to sell." Avigail Levine, Marketing & Community Manager at Aleph VC, shares her marketing tips and tools in the CMO Series
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