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Top 10 Free Small Widgets That Make A Big Difference

Google URL Builder

What is it for: Generating URL for marketing campaigns

Google's URL builder helps you create a URL with specific parameters that you can use in your web-based or email ad campaigns (for example - a link in your newsletter linking to a landing page). When users click on a custom link, the unique parameters that you placed will be sent to your Analytics account, so you can identify the URLs that are most effective in attracting users to your content.

Page Analytics

What is it for: See your analytics in real-time

If you are using Google Analytics, the Page Analytics chrome extension is a must. Once you are on any page under your Analytics account, the extension will enable you to view your analytics on the top of the webpage (how many page views you've had in the past month, bounce rate, average time on site and more). You will also be able to see how many people are on the site in real-time and the best feature - a heatmap on the page itself, showing you what percentage of the visitors clicked on which place.


What is it for: Design & Color Matching

Not all of us are design savvy but we do find ourselves sometimes trying to design something for our marketing efforts. Whether it's a new button you want to add to your site, a pop-up subscription box, ColorZilla will make sure you're choosing the right color that fits your theme.

With ColorZilla, you can pick any spot on a webpage and it'll indicate the exact color (just like the eyedropper tool on Photoshop if you've had a chance to use that). It has a clipboard it picks the colors to, so you can always get back to a color you chose in the past. It also has a webpage color analyzer that shows which colors are on the page (reminding you of the yellow button at the bottom left corner of the "Contact" page that doesn't match with any other color on the page)

10 Minute Mail

What is it for: One-time disposable email

10 Minute Mail is a... well... an email address for 10-minutes. A disposable email that, unless you request "10 more minutes", will vanish after 10 minutes. This is great for times when you want to avoid spam and need to open an account or just download something one-time.

It works like a charm and so far, I've never encountered a situation in which the email was marked as an invalid one on signup forms (if you encountered a situation it did, please let me know where below).

Rapportive Chrome Extension

What is it for: confirming email addresses

Whenever you are not 100% sure of someone's email, Rapportive will cross-reference it with LinkedIn's data base, and if the email is registered with a LinkedIn account, it will show her or his LinkedIn profile. Rapportive sits in your Gmail and every time you insert an email to a "to" field of a message, it will show you whether this address is linked with LinkedIn account.

The Great Suspender

What is it for: People that love to open Chrome tabs

Look at your desktop - do you have more than 20 tabs open right now? 30? Even more? Then you need this widget. The Great Suspender helps suspend unused tabs to free up some of Chrome’s memory. You can automate suspending or do it manually if there are some tabs that are important to keep open at all times. The settings also allow you to set a whitelist of sites that won’t get suspended.

Moz Bar

What is it for: SEO insights

If you don't have a Moz account already, you will need one to use this toolbar. Moz acts as an SEO research tool and lets you create custom searches, compare metrics, highlight links and keywords.

The only annoying thing - it opens Moz toolbar on ALL tabs in the open window, so do yourself a favor open a new window before using it.


What is it for: Creating images for social media

Pablo (by Buffer) is a great app allowing you to create images for social media in the exact size they should be. You can either choose one of the images in their library or upload your own and with one click, it adjusts the image to be adjustable to the social network of your choice. As of now, they have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email for the header image of your email marketing campaign.

Twitter Follower

What is it for: Increasing your Twitter followers

Twitter Follower is a Chrome extension that can help you grow the number of followers. It is better than buying followers (please don't do that) as you can copy followers of a similar accont, increasing the chance they'll be engaged with your content.

Once you install the extension, it will add two two buttons to twitter pages you visit - "Follow them all" or "unfollow them". If you use them, the extension will simulate you're following/unfollowing all the users/accounts on the page. One warning though - the widget doesn't stop at Twitter's daily following / unfollowing limit, so to make sure Twitter doesn't flag you as a bot, don't overdo it and don't let the widget run without noticing what it's doing.


What is it for: track link openings

Bitly is a very popular way to track links. Using it, it will allow you to see how many people clicked on the link and provide you with analytics such as locations where visitors clicked from, channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) and more.

Keep in mind though that some people can be hesitant to click a bitly link. Therefore, try to link the bitly link to a text. Instead of writing: "Want to read more? Check out", link the bitly link to "Want to read more?" so it will not be visible.


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