7 Tips for An Original and Professional Name Card

As we have already mentioned in the previous article, the following tips can help you design an original and professional name card.

 1 – Feel free to make several business cards

The information displayed on the business card should not be the same for an investor, a client, or a prospect. Instead of trying to put everything on the same card, it is rather preferable to design several name cards.

  • For example, the Prospect Card can provide all the information to help customers place an order,
  • While the customer card will highlight your services and possible promotions, product types…
  • As for the investor, he will appreciate finding on your card additional information about the entrepreneur -you- and the project.

2 – Featuring your qualifications

  • Do you have a quality certification?
  • Are you accredited by a label?
  • Do you respect a specific charter for your industry?

Feel free to include these certifications and labels on your business cards. They will allow your contact to better contextualize your business in its ecosystem while also allowing you to improve your brand image.

3 – Improving the graphical aspects of your business card

It is important that you do not fill in the entire “blank” space with text or images. This would only push back the person receiving your business card.

To improve the readability of your name card, use contrasts: a white background with black font is more readable than white on grey… In general, prefer a light background and darker characters rather than the opposite.

4 – Provide a space for handwriting

A good business card is a card on which you can leave notes. On the back of the card, for example, you can leave a personalized word like “I passed by but you weren’t there: I’ll call you later on XX”.

Even for your customer, one or two words scribbled on the back of the card will remind him of the circumstances of the appointment and the purpose of the conversation, and possibly the «continuation of events» (e.g.: call in May, quote given on XX, etc.).

Similarly, if you systematically send your business card with your letters, brochures… It is always a good idea to add a personalized word directly written on your business card.

5 – Why not add your photo to your business card?

Do you remember the last conference after which you brought back dozens of business cards? A month later, do you still remember the faces of the people you traded with?

By adding a quality photo to your business card, people will remember you more easily, when they met you and the nature of the conversation you had together.

An alternative to this technique is to add a photo of a characteristic element of your company: your Art Deco building, your most daring realization, your assembly lines… It’s also a great way to “break the ice” and start a story around your business when you’re handing out your business card.

6 – Add a QR code to your business card

Your communication must move indistinctly from offline to online easily…

You can therefore enrich your business card with a QR code that will allow your customers or investors to access your website or business profile directly with his or her smartphone.

7 – Use NFC for your business card

Beyond the QR codes, another very modern way to exchange business cards is to use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

For someone to retrieve your contact information, it will be enough for them to put their smartphone in close proximity to your business card to trigger a digital action that you have set up beforehand, displaying:

  • call you/ send a message
  • record your contact information
  • open your website or any other URL
  • link to your social profiles (like LinkedIn)
  • Direct link to the download page of your mobile app on Google Play or the Apple App Store

The NFC chip on your business card triggers digital actions when it comes into contact with compatible iPhone or Android devices. Some services even allow you to follow/ modify the actions assigned to your business card.

Ryan Minky

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