Types of Finishes and Paper for Certificate Printing

 Types of Finishes and Paper for Certificate Printing

Certification needs to look not only good but also meaningful because it is pretty much a reward given to someone for their accomplishment or achievement.

Design and printing process of making a certificate are both just as important. But a little beyond that, don’t forget about this special extra touch that can make your certification look even better.

Here are some finishes that you can choose after certification printing:

1. Embossing/Debossing

This popular type of finish can be used not only for certification but also for other printing production, popularly used for name cards.

It is not a very expensive type of finish yet it great because it creates a unique look that feels elegant and gives it a distinct feel or touch.

What embossing and debossing do is tweak the surface level of the paper? For this type of finish, you will need a premium type of paper that is quite thick. Embossing raises the surface of a certain part in the certificate, such as the name or the title of the certificate. Meanwhile, debossing does the opposite.

To emboss and deboss, you will need two metal plates that sandwich the paper to leave an indentation. It does not take long to do this and it is ink free as well. You need to be smart in deciding which part should be embossed or debossed, and definitely don’t overdo this finish.

1. Metallic Ink

Add more shine to your certificate by using metallic ink. This special ink makes the words printed with it look shiny and glossy. Remember to use it sparingly only at the parts that are important and proper for this special effect.

3. Metallic Foil Stamp

Choose a metallic foil stamp to get a sheen and smooth look on your certificate paper. The way to get this finish is by pressing heated metal onto the piece of paper. The words pressed with metalling foil stamp will look expensive and elegant. With metallic foil stamp, you can choose different colours, more than the options available for metallic ink.

Whichever type of finish that you eventually choose, make sure that you pick the professional printing service so that they can put their experience into working the finishes of your certificate the best way possible after the step of poster printing such as the one found on Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker.

When it comes to choosing a type of finish, you also have to be aware that not all types of paper are suitable for all finishes as slightly mentioned above. If you want a premium look given by the finishes, you have to choose paper with better quality than average. This type of paper is usually a premium paper that is thicker and more durable.

Several types of papers that you can choose for certificate printing are: parchment paper, linen paper, laid paper, and granite paper. Each available type has different characteristics and advantages compared to others. You have to know which is most suitable for the kind of aesthetic that you are pursuing. Of course, a finish is not a must. At the very least, make sure that the design of your certificate is proper.

Yaveh Bass

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