Which Tik Tok beauty Skincare Routines Should We Avoid?

No one could deny that during quarantine there have been many videos around the net about how to take care of your skin at home. The popularity of TikTok as a massive social media and video platform has ended up in many beauty vloggers showing different skincare routines created at home. There are tons of videos from beauty gurus and influencers talking about their make-up hacks and skincare routines which are worth it but there are a lot of them that tend to do more harm than good and don’t help those that would love to take care of their skin.

In Brandcosme {ブランドコスメ} we love a good tip on skincare but do not want you to damage your skin just because someone on the Internet told you that. These are some of the TikTok skincare routines that have been trending which you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Exfoliating with harsh exfoliators or cleansing brushes

This one comes first because it is one of the most popular trends inside the TikTok world. We all know that exfoliating is a very necessary step on our skincare routine but using products that contain harsh ingredients that tend to be rough on our skin could end up irritating or even stripping our skin. Something similar happens with some homemade face masks which use many ingredients which are supposed to be natural but that could damage our face. Including apricot, walnut or even coffee as part of your exfoliating routine may not be toxic, but they sure could irritate your skin.

  • Pore cleanser tools

Sometimes our face is cover with blackheads and doesn’t look healthy at all, but not because of that we should use tools that aren’t recommended by experts who know what’s best for our skin. Many TikTok skincare gurus have been trying out different extraction tools that promise to leave our skin clean and without blackheads, but these could cause bleedings on our face and even broken capillaries. There is a reason why dermatologists and aesthetic medicine professionals study a lot to know what’s best for our skin. Avoid these tools and just seek a specialist if you’d like to get those blackheads removed!

  • Do-It-Yourself Skincare Hacks

The popularity these TikTok videos have gained in just a few months is amazing and so are these DIY face masks and skincare routines. We tend to believe that because we use natural ingredients these masks couldn’t be harmful at all but face masks that are sold in drug stores by cosmetic brands have been tested previously in order to prove they are both effective and safe for everyone to use. Not only they haven’t been tested and we don’t know if they truly work on our skin, but also could carry bacteria. Either way, these DIY skincare routines could damage your face.

Sometimes it is best to let a professional see our skin and recommend us which would be the ideal skincare for us than letting ourselves guide by TikTok trends.

Ryan Minky

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